The Magical Cartagena de Indias


As a Colombian, I always think and say (out loud!) how beautiful is my country. Colombia has so many things to offer to tourists including stunning landscapes and architecture, 2 oceans, delicious food, kind people willing to help you with anything, and of course coffee! (that’s impossible to forget), and more. This time, I’m so proud and excited to show you our latest adventure to the charming Cartagena de Indias (The Walled City).

It was my husband’s and I first trip to Cartagena, and we couldn’t be more amazed about this fairy tale city. We traveled last September and the weather was great (super hot) but breezy. We stayed at a airbnb in La Boquilla. La Boquilla is located just at 15 mins from The Walled City and it is right at the beach (which is so peaceful and quiet). We spent some days at the beach and then in the afternoon we drove to the city. We preferred to do it in the afternoon, because it was not too hot.

Cartagena amazed me. Its architecture, its food as well as its people have no comparison. We walked almost every street inside the Walled City, we ate delicious ice cream at La Paleteria, we drank and danced salsa at Donde Fidel Salsa Club, and spent a wonderful evening at a rooftop in front of La Torre del Reloj (The Clock’s Tower). Every single moment was unforgettable and I was so blessed to be able to capture Cartagena’s magic through my lens.

Cartagena has a lot of things to enjoy, as well as its surroundings. In company with some friends, we rented a boat for a whole day and we went to an area 30 mins from Cartagena called “La Piscina”. After that, we went to Isla Cholon (Cartagena’s Party Island) and the only thing I can tell you is that the party was amaazinnggg! And we finished our trip in Playa Blanca. Each of those places were awesome.

I’m in love with Cartagena. It really is a destination you can’t miss and it’s just 4 hours away from Atlanta. I will definitely going back one day, and I highly recommend to go to this Magical City.

Please, feel free to share or let me know if you liked this post, and even if you have any suggestions about places I can’t miss in our next trip to Cartagena de Indias.






















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Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay 😍🇨🇴

That’s right! Colombia has everything for anyone. 😉

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