The Struggles Behind The Lens


A lot of people tell me “It’s great to be a photographer, because you manage your own hours and you’re your own boss”. They’re right, it’s great to be a photographer, and manage your own hours and be your own boss. I love being a one, but also there is a lot going on “behind the lens”. Some of you are professional photographers or entrepreneurs, so I’m pretty sure you know the hard work it requires to build your own business.

Behind the beautiful photos, there are a lot of steps that need to be done, from the first time the client contacts me, until she gets her beautiful portraits and prints. I love doing every step of my process and I give everything to provide my clients with the best experience, but sometimes real struggles  hit me with so much force, that I just feel without strength to fight them back.



It doesn’t matter if you’re a photographer or not, we all experience fear at some point in our lives. Fear is this voice that tells you can’t achieve whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, and if you get it, you will fail. Do you see how liar and contradictory fear is? First it tells you can’t, and then it tells that you can, but you will fail! That’s crazy. The sad part is that we all let fear control and paralyze us. For me, this is real. I fight with fear constantly, and this is good and bad at the same time. Good, because that means I’m doing something important and significant for myself and others. And bad, because if I don’t stop listening to those fears, they will control me and dictate the course of my life (which is, you guessed, full of fears and dead dreams).

So, even though fears are always going to be with us, we have the power to shut them down and keep them under OUR control!



This one is very strong. You know you’re great at what you do, but doubts and comparison (another struggle, for another blog), start whispering that you’re not good enough, that there are others better than you, that your work is not worth it, and so on. You get the point, right? Just let me tell you. Doubts will destroy your life, marriage, career, and self esteem, if you let them control you. I don’t know how to live without doubts, but I’m trying so hard to just stay focused in my final destination. When you start something, in this case your own business, you need to think about where you want to get. You need to walk your path with the final destination in mind, otherwise all the dragons that will come your way (because they will come), will make you stop or go through another path.

I’ve seen dragons in my short journey as a photographer and business owner, but I remind myself to stay focused on where I want to get with my life and business. This is not easy to do. It’s a constant battle and I have to constantly remember my goals, my dreams, and that I just need to keep working one day at the time, and that tomorrow is going to be better than today.



Don’t Let Fear and Doubts Control You!

I really hope you find this encouraging. I was hesitant about sharing this or not. But I finally decided to do it, because I think we all listen these voices sometimes. Some of you don’t let them get into your head, but some of us give them permission to start working their tricks; until, we say NO MORE! No more living in doubt and fear, and being afraid to give everything we have to be awesome. I remind you that you’re great and that you have the power to change your life and start living your own greatness.


I’d really love to know in the comments below if you find this good and encouraging, and also feel free to share with family and friends.


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