Ski Trip at The Beautiful Maggie Valley, NC


As you may know (in case you didn’t know) in Colombia we don’t do too much skiing or snowboarding. The only way I knew about these exciting sports was through movies. I always wanted to try them, even though I had not clue of how to do it or what to wear. So, two weekends ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to do snowboarding for second time! Yes! I survived the first time (wink).


We spent the weekend in the cute town of  Maggie Valley, NC. It was a good surprise to see so much life in a town closed to a ski resort. The other surprise was the weather. We packed everything for a winter storm, but instead, we had the perfect “almost spring” weather. I was very grateful for that weather, because I had been feeling under the weather for the last couple of weeks, and I didn’t want to get sicker (and thank God I didn’t).


The ski resort in that town is the Cataloochee Ski Area. It has 3 lifts for 3 different experiences.

  1. Yooohoooo…I feel like an expert doing this. I’m a Pro already!
  2. I can do this…ohhhh wait. I can’t! What am I doing?!
  3. Is that the intermediate one? No, wait. Is that the Pro one?! I need to get out of here. How did we pass the intermediate one?



Yep…that was me all the time. Specially, when my husband and I intended to try the intermediate one, but instead, we went straight to the Pro Mountain. So, we went from beginner to Pro in no time. Awesome! That was very scary, and I get scarier when I saw a sign that said: “Only Pros are allow from this point” or something like that. You get the point, right? We aren’t pros, we are a couple with a lot of energy and intention, but when we saw that mountain, I think our intentions left the lift where we were at.



Anyways, we did it! I don’t know how I did it, or my husband did it, but we did it! We got down the monster mountain completely safe and with the adrenaline pumping, we decided to do it not one, but 3 more times! That was awesome. Best experience ever. I don’t regret for one moment that mistake. We got to see beautiful landscapes from that mountain and crazy-awesome pros with all kinds a costumes going doing that mountain with such expertise that I felt like a baby doing my first steps.




After an exciting but tiring day at the Ski resort, we went to the cutest cabin ever! It was very beautiful and relaxing. We spent the weekend in that cozy place with the best company ever. Our friends! We celebrated one of our friends birthday, created wonderful memories around boardgames, poker, great food, drinks and Theraflu (I was sick, remember?). Those are moments we will never forget. We also went to Cherokee Casino, and we had a lot fun there, mostly when I put $5 dollars in one of those machines, and instantly won $41. I call that pure luck (wink!).















I love this quote by Tim Cahill, which describes perfectly this trip with my friends

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.

Cheers for good friends and for second time snowboarding! Until next year.






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