Windy + Mark // Roswell River Landing, Roswell, Ga


Windy & Mark’s wedding was just such a sweet celebration – and since I was there until 10PM, I was able to witness some amazing dance floor shenanigans as well as a some fun stories about the newlyweds!

The day was perfect. It was a hot-humid summer day, but everyone was so helpful and excited about the day, that they just cooperated with me to deliver amazing photos to Windy & Mark. We had to do countless hydration breaks and make up touch ups, but they were completely worth it.

Oh and let me just say that Windy and Mark officially had the sweetest ceremony ever! The preacher was great and on point, and I couldn’t contain my tears watching the groom looking at his queen with simply adoration, and completely moved by his emotions. Undoubtedly, was a day full of tears, laughs, and so much love.

The newlyweds are so blessed for having such a wonderful family and friends. They were supportive all the time, and you could feel the bond between them. These two beautiful souls were filled with love and great energy by everyone present in that gorgeous and unforgettable day.

Cheers to Windy and Mark – I wish you two a lifetime of fun dance floors, adorable looks, and a marriage that will bring happiness and laughter to each other those close to you!

Thank you for trusting me and my work, also for trusting my eye and crazy ideas! You will always be in my heart.


Venue: Rowell River Landing

Wedding Planner: Selma Stenson




























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