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So much love in this Newborn Portrait Session


I have this obsession with babies…they are so warm and snuggly, soft and chubby. I love their smell and every little sound they make. It is so relaxing to touch their cute face, and pat their backs while they fall asleep in my arms. So, I was literally in paradise while I was doing Liam Francisco’s Lifestyle Newborn Session.


I’m particularly fond with this family, because even tough I’ve known them for a few years, I know how badly they wanted Liam since the beginning. Their love for this baby is in every word, every look, and every smile they share with him, and I feel honored to be able to capture those images that will last a lifetime.







I was so amazed of the strength of this baby boy. He was one week old by the time of the session, and he was holding his neck up and trying to stand up! I couldn’t believe it when I saw that. He has a strong will, and when he didn’t like a certain pose, he made sure we noticed that. Every moment was unforgettable, and I’m glad to share a few images of this beautiful and sweet baby boy. Welcome to the world Liam Francisco!


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