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It’s not a secret the situation we all are living right now. These are unprecedented times that affect us all in a way or another. Maybe you’re not affected by it financially, but the simply fact to stay at home with your kids all day every day is affecting your emotions. Or you have been affected financially and are uncertain of what’s going to happen next week or next month. As I say before, we’re all affected in many ways. Today, I want to share with you a little bit of positivity and encouragement on this difficult times. Because I know sometimes it’s not easy to Stay Positive in the Craziness,  I want to give some tips that I’ve been applying since the second week all of this started. Personally, there’s one quote by Charles R. Swindoll that gave me a different perspective and that it’s helping me so much.


Change your thoughts. Change your result.


This quote literally said to me: “Nathaly, or you keep whining and crying about something you can’t change, or change your attitude, thoughts and perspective about this situation.” After this, I started putting my thoughts, feelings and actions together, and looking at Rona as an opportunity to do something good and productive. I’m not saying that is easy to do this or that you’ll have the same will to do it every day, but that at least you’ll have something to focus on during this time.


Let’s dive in into the 5 tips that will help you Stay Positive in the craziness.


1. Stay Productive and Prioritize.

If you’re like me, you are an active person who has her business or job, cares for her family and do 10,000 things all day every day. When something unexpectedly happens and requires of you to stop and not continue doing what you’re used to, you start to feel without focus, without motivation and without control. Please, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that we should work like crazy without rest, because I really believe that everything needs to be in balance. I actually took the first week of quarantine to rest, watch Netflix like crazy, sleep and simply enjoy that lazy time, but the following week, I found myself without a target, focus and control.

That’s when I decided to change things and control the things I can. My thoughts, actions, and attitude. My first step was to schedule myself daily and prioritize the things I wanted to do but never assigned the time to do them. I’m doing something on and for my business, daily. That applies for my home. I’ve been tackling some projects that I always wanted to do and now I have the time to do them! (winning!).

My suggestions is simply to plan your day or your week, and don’t try to do everything at once (prioritize). This will help you to feel in control, and trust me when I tell you that by doing this your emotions are going to be in balance during this time.


Schedule your days
Schedule your days



2. Stay Human.

This is a very stressful time for many of us and we’re living something that neither of us experienced before. So, be kind and put yourself in other people’s shoes and understand that they’re afraid, anxious, and simply guarding themselves in any way they can. I know is easy to snap at people, criticize or judge them, but we’re all in this together. No one is out of this boat. So, please, be loving, kind and human to your neighbor.


Be kind to your family and neighbors.

3. Stay Connected.

Connectedness doesn’t necessarily means that we need to be together always. We can be connected with our family and friends, through this difficult time, by calling them or Face timing them. Many of us, didn’t seem to “find” the time to call our family members, but now we have that time! And we need to stay connected in any way we can. Not only for our state of mind, but for our loved ones as well.

In the last month I have been calling and face timing my family in Colombia more than ever. And I think this should continue after this is over. Don’t you agree?

So, find a way to stay connected without being face to face. Always keep yourself and others safe (wink).

Staying connected will help you stay positive during the craziness.


4. Practice some Mindfulness in the way you want.

Our minds get out of balance easily, and being in uncertain times is a great way for them to start going out of the rail. One great option is simply pray, be in contact with God, praise Him and let Him be in control. When you accept that there are things that you can’t control and change, you leave that anxiety to The One who has everything in control, you simply feel less stressed and less anxious.

I pray to God, I talk to Him, I praise Him, and this helps me everyday to stay positive and calm. One other thing that I recently started practicing is Mindfulness. To do this you need to do simply 3 steps. I’m not an expert on this. I’m simply sharing what my counselor taught me and that is helping me calm my anxiety. If you know more about this topic I’m open to any suggestions or additions you want to make.

3 Steps to practice Mindfulness:

  • Focus on the present: accept and acknowledge what is happening. Don’t think about the past or future. That’s something you can’t control.
  • Stick to the facts: look at the actual facts of the situation and find ways to not let fear steal those facts.
  • Trusting things will resolve naturally: like everything in life, this will also pass. Maybe, the actual situation won’t pass at the time we want, but it will end eventually.

Another option is to practice Meditation or any other therapy that helps you stick to the facts, calm your mind and emotions.


5. Go Outside!

Exercise, exercise, exercise. Go for a walk or run, visit your closest park and simply enjoy the breeze, listen the birds sing, and recharge your batteries with natural energy. I highly suggest you this, because by working out we liberate stress hormones and get recharge by endorphins that will help us feel good and revitalize. My husband and I love to go to two parks that are amazing. The first one is Alpharetta Big Creek Greenway and Suwanee Creek Greenway. These are great options for a run, go biking or skating. I just suggest you to work out. Move your body and this will help you keep everything in balance.


Karoll and her sons
Play with your kids!



So, my friend, these are 5 simple steps that will help you stay positive, calm and productive during this quarantine. If you want, you can check a video version of this blog by going to this link and make sure to Like it and Share it with your family and friends. Let’s spread hope and positivity! This is what the world needs right now (wink).


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