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Branding sessions are fun!



Whether you’re new to the idea or ready to book, I’ve got everything about branding sessions. As a portrait photographer and entrepreneur, I love partnering with business owners to help them create perfect content to reach their clients!

Small business owners know the importance of investing in quality content, but they often don’t know where to start or what they need. Which is why I’m answering the top questions that people asked me about branding sessions.  When you have a clear vision of how to use your images, you can adequately prepare, and execute your plan with confidence.



What is a Branding Session?

A personal branding photography session is for small businesses and entrepreneurs that aim to elevate and grow their online presence. These sessions equip you with cohesive and consistent imagery that convey quality. Completely customized for each business, a branding session will show off your unique personality and style.  Branding sessions are a targeted way to attract your ideal client and stand out in a saturated market! These sessions can be a fun and creative way to show your personality and create a connection with your ideal clients. 



Why is a Branding Session so Important?

Did you know that working with professional photographers leads to small businesses immediately raising their prices by 10-15%? No joke. These sessions automatically elevate your brand! While a website and logo are essential, high-quality images will do the leg work to promote your offerings.

Additionally, personal branding photo sessions aid in boosting your SEO and social media engagement. Static websites without updates and new content are considered “dead” to search engines like Google. Branding sessions equip you with content that you can use to update your site and stay relevant. And let’s not talk about social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. These places are in constant need of creative content (images) and that’s what you’re going to get! 



Who is in need of Branding Session?

Any business or entrepreneur with an online presence should invest in a branding session. If you have a website, social media accounts, or do email marketing, then eventually you’ll need to invest in custom content, with your face on it!

Branded images are critical if you are the face of your company or a solopreneur. People work with brands they know, like, and trust. That’s the reason why any entrepreneur needs a branding session. 


When is a good time to have a Branding Session?


As a business owner, I understand that when you’re starting out your business, it’s difficult to have custom images taken. But I also think that is vital to invest in branding pictures as soon as you are able. Once you have a website and a solid brand, your branding session should be the next investment.  A lot of my branding clients are female entrepreneurs that have been in business for a couple of years and are finally ready to take the next step to enhance their brand through photography.



What’s the content I’m going to get from a Branding Session?

When we partner on a branding shoot, it’s not merely another cute picture. We create an extension of your business, weaving the same excellence you strive for into every image and truly empowering you with confidence to be the face of your company.

I love entirely customizing each session to fit the brand and business that I am working with. Sometimes this looks like headshots and lifestyle portraits, but other times the sessions include flat lays and product images. Different clients require consistent imagery for social media, and some need quality photos for their website. The key is always to capture an array of images that you’ll have at your fingertips, ready to roll, the next time you click to upload an image.

When you’re ready to book a branding session, we will have a Consultation Session. This is when we can discuss your vision, talk about ideas, outfits and places for the session. 


Where Do I Do a Branding Session?

This is my favorite part! Personal branding photos can be taken anywhere! I work with my clients to find the perfect location for them. Sometimes that means a co-working space, a luxury model home, an Airbnb, or even a coffee shop. Don’t have a home office or traditional workspace? No problem. The possibilities are limitless.


How Often Should I have Branding Portraits Taken?

This definitely depends on each business, but I would suggest booking at least 1 branding session each year. I can’t say it enough, Google loves websites that are frequently updated. Additionally, it’s evident that social media platforms continuously require content. Your branding photos will help your content remain relevant and your brand to stay front of mind. You need to make your presence on social media and on your website. That’s why a Branding Session is so neccesary!


That’s all! I hope this helps you and motivate you to have your own personal Branding Session. These kind of sessions are a significant investment but with a little passion, vision, and preparation, it will hands down be one of the best ways to promote your business. And the return will be amazing!


Nathaly Tabares Photography, owned by Nathaly Tabares, focuses on Fine Art Products, families, Lifestyle Newborn and Children, Maternity, and Engagement Photography. She is a passionate and fresh photographer and wall designer, and the majority of her work is completed outdoors with the use of natural lighting. She services the Duluth, Ga area and its surrounding suburbs.

Make sure to check out her work on www.nathalytabaresphotography.com. Be sure to check out some of her available collections and products on her website. If you are interested in booking a session, you can contact us at contact@nathalytabaresphotography.com or follow this link. We look forward to working with you! 





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