Beautiful Maternity Portrait Session in Tucker, Ga

Pregnancy is a very intimate and personal experience, and this is what makes it a lot like boudoir.

A boudoir photography session during pregnancy allows to explore and integrate the two powerful elements of femininity- sensuality and maternity. Although some women feel like these two concepts are mutually exclusive and they have a difficult time accepting their bodies during pregnancy, others find this time to be exceptionally alluring and seductive.

This was the case of Marcela. She was glowing during our session and she looked more beautiful with every shot.

When she shared her idea for her Maternity Session, I couldn’t be more excited to create something special for this gorgeous Mom-to-be. It is undeniable that she rocked this session!

A maternity session is a wonderful opportunity to capture and celebrate your body as it changes in the most beautiful and miraculous way. Chances are that your body has never looked this way before and chances are it may never go through a similar transformation again. So why not celebrate it the way it is right now? 
Your pregnant body may not be perfect, but it is worth celebrating

I cannot wait to capture more beautiful images of this woman but with her sweet baby Liam.

A great example of how you can showcase this beautiful moment in your life.
16 x 20 Fine Art Canvas-20 x 30 Fine Art Canvas

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