3 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Your Child’s 2nd Birthday


Most parents celebrate their child’s 1st birthday BIG, and that’s totally fine (I actually love that!). But most of them think that the second year of life is not as important as the first one, but the truth is…every year is important and we need to celebrate it big!


It’s all about smashing the cake

Even though you don’t want to spend time, effort and money on a big party. There is one option that is perfect to create unforgettable memories of your child’s milestone. That is…a Cake Smash Portrait Session!

These kind of sessions are fun, sweet and unexpected. You may have a super shy child, but he will become so happy and extrovert in front of the camera, or you may have an outgoing child that may feel a little bit shy the day of the session. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the quality of memories you will keep for the rest of your life.

My goal today is to convince you to get your child’s 2nd birthday portrait session done, before you miss this important milestone.



1. Every Birthday Is Important

We all want to keep as many memories of our lives as possible, right? That’s why we can’t miss such an important celebration of your child’s life.




2. Your child will thank you in the future

Imagine this. You go with your whole family to a photo session. Everyone is wearing cute outfits. You all look spectacular!

Your child is so happy to see a delicious cake, balloons and decorations that he cannot wait to smash that cake. Those images are priceless, don’t you think? Watching your child’s development, how clever and smart he is. You want to capture that sweet smile and the way he walks. These images, your boy will be able to see in 15 years and he will be so thankful for having these memories of him, but most importantly of the whole family.







3. Each Milestone Is Important

Your child’s development changes approximately every 6 months. That’s one of the reasons why parents want to have as many photos as possible (I’d do the same). 2 years olds are in an important stage in their lives. Where their personality and character are developing and creating a “new little boy”. You’ll want to keep this stage in your memory forever.









So, dear parents, book your child’s second birthday cake smash portrait sessions before you miss it!

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